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First Timer

Posted by bondagebunny731 on 2009.08.04 at 17:29


Feelin' the wind in my hair
cmarie14 at 2009-08-05 03:18 (UTC) (Link)
My office is really quite efficient, I think. The one I went to in NC with my first, it took 1-2 hours. Here it was almost in-and-out. They'll check your weight and probably take blood to check your iron and other levels. They'll ask you a bunch of questions about what you eat and have you set goals for yourself nutritionally. (They don't give you a hard time or anything, but they may ask how you are doing at a later appointment.) You'll usually get 3 months of checks at a time - they print them out right there. And they'll explain how the WIC works. You'll have to go in to get the next set of checks after three months, and after you have the baby or after 6 months, you have to be "recertified" which means they want pay stubs and blood again. :P

WMMV - each state is different and may change things up a bit. :P
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