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gleeful LB

Baby food meat

Posted by madrona on 2010.01.15 at 17:29
What do you do with it if your baby won't eat it?


Feelin' the wind in my hair
cmarie14 at 2010-01-16 03:18 (UTC) (Link)
Teach them how to fling it against the wall? :P

I used to mix it with their favorite foods - so maybe a spoonful that's 20% turkey and 80% sweet potato. I haven't had WIC since they changed things up in October - do you have to buy meats? Otherwise, I've always had better success letting them eat meats as finger food - if you can choose something different instead of meat. :)
ilea at 2010-01-16 06:10 (UTC) (Link)
mix it in with stuff. my kiddo loved pureed broccoli and rice "oatmeal" so I would mix some meat in there to round out her meals.
brooklynmili at 2010-01-17 14:50 (UTC) (Link)
Cat food. I'm serious, WIC baby food saved us a lot on our cat food budget last year. (In part, we were able to do this because we had room in our budget to buy him whole foods to eat in addition to the canned baby food. Also because he was still nursing, so didn't need to get as much grown-up food. YMMV.)
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